Helpful Links
These go to other websites related to Marapets are useful in knowing more about the site. If a page is not up to date mail me and i will either remove it or put a note next it.

Anagramsam solver
Answer what Anagramsam wants you to unscramble. Just copy and paste make sure it has the correct number of spaces. Results of a correct answer you will win MP and maybe some blood.

Battle Information
Has information on trading card stats, Olympic levels, weapon strength, magic wands, & etc.

Gourmet Foods

Last updated 06/08/2012
Has most gourmet foods on site. It is ordered by food groups.

******Please refer to Item Origins, ETC. for OrangeFrappucino web site which has the most update gourmet foods.

Helpful Guide On Playing The Game
Has information on missions, goals, temples, pet jobs, avie solutions, fixing your marahome. This is a good site for NEW and OLD members that play.
Has information on what fortune teller meaning, past advent calendar handouts. An OK site some useful info on some past events.
Has information on past events, prizes for the dukka scratchcards, Has glowing guide & which colors you get from each egg. Smuggler guide with dukka prices.

Item Origins, ETC.
Is a good site in that it has an item origins list(very handy for those who want to know where/when it came out). Has past events from the Advent Tree, Advent Calendar, & Easter Egg Hunts. Also shows What came out in past AUs, & a gourmet list.

Maradoll Related
This a good site to see a preview of what a wig will look like before making a big purchase. Also has a nice makeup guide which is very handy in knowing how it will look and where on the face the make up goes. br>

Pet Pricing Guide
**At the moment webpage down. Checked 7/11/2014**

Has estimated prices on what the value is for pets based on species, costume, stats, and other information. Is a good site to help in pricing pets or give an idea what its worth.
Has estimated prices on what the value is of for LE pets along with costumes. Has other helpful information on playin the game, too. Has a nice DNA minipet list, how to fix marahomes, etc.
Has estimated prices on what the value is for a pet or its costume. Also lets you know where to be able to get pet potion / costume. Has a section of who is loaning pets for goals.

Has restocking times of when shops will restock. If you use this site, you dont need to have 2 tabs open, cause it can be done through that site. (Will need Javavscript on to have clock running to have the color systems to work. I am using a PS3 with Javascript off, so my MST does not change on its own)
Has restocking times of when shops will restock. If the restocking link up above does not work try this one. (Will need Javavscript on to see time advance) Or use a digital clock that has also has seconds. Clicking on a link will have you leave site to reach shop. My advice is to open shop in a new tab.
Is a good site for comparing prices & see what they are selling at the current moment. A nice way to spot good deals from main shops and user shops (for those that snipe up deals, hoard for inflation, or to use on quests)