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Pet Trading Guide

Hello! Welcome to the modified pet trading guide. After pet trading so many times, I noticed that the pet trading guide doesn't accurately display pet popularity especially with regards to pets obtained from missions. This is still a work in progress so opinions are welcomed!
How This Works: I have split the pets into categories and indicated how easy they are to trade for each species within . This does not apply to other categories because of course, it is hard to trade a middle le for a high le and very easy to trade a middle le for a low le! These are based mostly on my past pet trading experiences.

High LEs

Decadal - Very easy to trade
Justin - Very easy to trade
Rofling - Easy to trade

Middle High LEs

Basil - Easy to trade
Chibs - Easy to trade
Crikey - Easy to trade
Hump - Very hard to trade
Lorius - Very easy to trade
Pucu - Easy/Very easy to trade
Yuni - Hard to trade
Zola - Very easy to trade
Middle LEs

Echlin - Very hard to trade
Ercuw - Hard to trade
Eyru - Easy to trade, hard to get decent offers
Figaro -Slightly hard to trade
Gobble - Hard to trade
Kronk - Hard to trade
Lati - Normal/Hard to trade due to minipet AU
Limax - Easy to trade
Mordo - Hard to trade
Nino - Normal
Quell - Normal,Easy to trade for costumes like ice cream and sleepy
Raulf - Easy to trade
Rusty - Easy to trade
Sindi - Normal
Straya - [i]Very easy to trade[/i]
[b]Sybri[/b] - [i]Hard to trade[/i]
[b]Tasi[/b] - [i]Normal/Hard to Trade[/i]
[b]Viotto[/b] - [i]Normal[/i]
[b]Vixen[/b] - [i]Normal, depends on costume[/i]
[b]Vlad[/b] - [i]Hard to Trade[/i]
[b]Willa[/b] - [i]Easy to trade/Normal[/i]

--------------------------- [b]Low Middle LEs[/b]
[b]Arinya[/b] - [i]Easy to trade[/i] [b]Daisy[/b] - [i]Normal to trade, due to shortages[/i] [b]Dakota[/b] - [i]Hard to trade[/i] [b]Gizmo[/b] - [i]Hard to trade[/i] [b]Ike[/b] - [i]Normal[/i] [b]Kujo[/b] - [i]Easy to trade[/i] [b]Troit[/b] - [i]Normal[/i]
--------------------------- [b]Low LEs[/b]
[i]Normally can trade for each other depending on owner's preference and costume, with the exception of ushunda which is available in shop search[/i] [b]Astro[/b] [b]Huthiq[/b] [b]Oglue[/b] [b]Phanty[/b] [b]Poera[/b] [b]Ushunda[/b] [b]Zoink[/b] [b]Zoosh[/b]
--------------------------- [b]Stats[/b] [i]These are the going rates of LE pets value converted to stats. They were based on my trading experience too. Do note that elites must be half of the stats. [/i] Rofling - 300-310 non LE Decadal - 200-220 mid LE/180 high LE High LE - 140 non LE Mid LE - 100 non LE [i]Anything below = hard to trade [/i]
--------------------------- [b]Improvements from pet trading guide updated as at 7/4/18[/b] [i]These are some notes in which pet trading is different from the values of the guide. I will be updating regularly. Also based on my pet trading experience.[/i] 1. [b]Chibs[/b] - Their makers are worth 35 mil but they can't even get a lorius or zola or 2 strayas through pet trades. Oversupply of them in pet trades as they are going to be released in AUs next year. Better to get rid of now before their price drops to 17 mil next year. 2. [b]Decadal[/b] - trades for two chibs and one mid le now. 3. [b]Eyru[/b] - the pet trading guide messes up pet trading for eyru owners. With the number of makers in trades and the difficulty of the mission, they should be worth at least 14 mil. The 10 mil value in the guide makes users underoffer from what they should be truly worth. Got rejected by a few raulf owners before eventually trading for one. 4. [b]Hump[/b] - can't even get a lorius/chibs/zola for one despite being worth 40mil. Very unpopular. 5. [b]Justin[/b] - extremely wanted by many players. Traded a justin and a snookle for a decadal. If you have one, you are in luck! Wait for the right overoffer and do not EVER rush. :-) 6. [b]Limax[/b] - surprisingly easier to trade than raulfs now. A limax cannot trade for a raulf as the latter is higher in value but limaxes are surprisingly easier to get decent offers/overoffers on compared to a raulf. 7. [b]Rofling[/b] - goes for two decadals and a mid le 8. [b]Straya[/b] - despite selling for 13 mil for the maker, they go for huge overoffers in pet trades as they will not be in AU for the next 2 years. Offers they go for include a nice costumed raulf or two nice costumed mid LEs (traded seasonal snookle and candy willa for one). 9. [b]Yuni[/b] - pet trading guide is inaccurate as well. They usually trade around 14 mil value. Very unpopular recently.