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Rainbow Fairy Avatar & Flighty Avatar
Handprint is my transformation pet. You will receive both the Flighty avatar and the Rainbow Fairy avatar just by viewing his transformations. If you need them for your avatar collection then I will send Handprint to you, you view his transformations and get the avatars.

100k to lend**

**Subject to availability

Here you'll see a list of avatars that I am lending.

If you're interested in anything then please see the contact details underneath.
(All prices include fees unless otherwise stated)

Individual Minipets:

All minipets must be returned!

Make an Agatha Plate

I'll send you Agatha and you make the plate

30k to lend


I'll send you my pet with Buzzy attached and you view it's profile

50k to lend


I'll send you my pet with Drowsy attached and you view it's profile

300k fees + 20k tip

Make a Hearty Plate

I'll send you Hearty and you make the plate

30k to lend

Bulk Avatars


Borrowing Kiovien will give you the following avatars:

200k to lend Kiovien
Contact Me

Please Click here For a direct link to mail me

Please put the avatar you would like to borrow in the subject and state that you will return the minipet/marapet as soon as possible. This is to follow standard Marapets rules.
Thank you for following this and making it as quick and as easy as possible.
Zombie Pet

Borrowing Joules will gain completion of Level 11 of the Undying Woods goal

50k to lend