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2021 EVENTS - PAGE 2

Marapets 17th Birthday Event - began August 15, 2021 and ended September1, 2021

Gift Bag list.....

Beige 17th Birthday Gift Bag

Black 17th Birthday Gift Bag

Blue 17th Birthday Gift Bag

Brown 17th Birthday Gift Bag

Gold 17th Birthday Gift Bag

Green 17th Birthday Gift Bag

Grey 17th Birthday Gift Bag

Maroon 17th Birthday Gift Bag

Orange 17th Birthday Gift Bag

Pink 17th Birthday Gift Bag

Purple 17th Birthday Gift Bag

Red 17th Birthday Gift Bag

Silver 17th Birthday Gift Bag

White 17th Birthday Gift Bag

Yellow 17th Birtday Gift Bag

List of items when Gift Bags are opened.....

17th Birthday Stamp

Banquet Dress

Birthday Fireworks

Blue 17th Birthday Candle

Book of Cupcakes

Book of Party Food

Chocolate Party Ice Cream

Cupcake Glowing Egg

Decadal Cookie

Donut Stop the Music

Eyru Action Figure

Gala Wig

Green 17th Birthday Candle

Gym Shorts

Party Donut

Party Horn

Party Ukulele

Purple 17th Birthday Candle

Red 17th Birthday Balloon

Red Cup and Ball

Ripped Summer Shorts

Roller Skates

Slice of Chocolate Birthday Cake

Slice of Red Velvet Birthday Cake

Slice of Strawberry Birthday Cake

Slice of Vanilla Birthday Cake

Strawberry Party Ice Cream

Summer Blush

Summer Sweat Top

Vanilla Party Ice Cream

Yellow 17th Birthday Balloon

Yellow Cup and Ball

17th Birthday Pinatas list.....

Blue Cloud Pinata

Blue Diamond Pinata

Blue Lolly Pinata

Blue Mystery Pinata

Blue Strawberry Pinata

Cloud Pinata

Diamond Pinata

Lolly Pinata

Mystery Pinata

Orange Cloud Pinata

Orange Diamond Pinata

Orange Lolly Pinata

Orange Mystery Pinata

Orange Strawberry Pinata

Pink Cloud Pinata

Pink Diamond Pinata

Pink Lolly Pinata

Pink Mystery Pinata

Pink Strawberry Pinata

Purple Cloud Pinata

Purple Diamond Pinata

Purple Lolly Pinata

Purple Mystery Pinata

Purple Strawberry Pinata

Strawberry Pinata

Pinata Prize list.....

Banquet Wig

Birthday Donut

Blue 17th Birthday Balloon

Blue Cup and Ball

Celebration Castanets

Chocolate Party Cake

Cupcake Balloon

Cupcake Hats-Cupcake-Headband

Glitter Glowing Egg

Green 17th Birthday Balloon

Green Cup and Ball

Plaid Dress

Purple 17th Birthday Balloon

Purple Cup and Ball

Red 17th Birthday Candle

Strawberry Party Cake

Summer Blouse

Summer Hat

Vanilla Party Cake


Willa Cake Pop

Yellow 17th Birthday Candle

Beelzebub Visit 2021 - started October 22, 2021 and ended October 31, 2021
Beelzebub NEW item list for 2021 (see previous years for older items).....

Beelezbub Donut

Beelezbub Smoothie

Ghostly Graves - began October 22, 2021 and ended November 1,2021


90 ghost themed items are available to be won along with a special item for your wardrobe, Ghost Balloon (below).
The 90 ghost themed items can be found here

Pumpkin Hunt - started October 24, 2021 and ended November 15, 2021

Pumpkin Hunt Pumpkin list.....

2021 Pumpkin

Defective Pumpkin

Enpiah Pumpkin

Ghost Pumpkin

Goblin Pumpkin

Negative Pumpkin

Polar Pumpkin

School Pumpkin

Scout Pumpkin

Shaved Pumpkin

Strobe Pumpkin

Super Hero Pumpkin

Swamp Pumpkin

Tiger Pumpkin

Toddler Pumpkin

Tornado Pumpkin

Toy Pumpkin

Tundra Pumpkin

Underwater Pumpkin

Undying Fairy Pumpkin

Werewolf Pumpkin

Wizard Pumpkin

Pumpkin Hunt prize list.....

Book of Candycorn

Dark Daisy Plushie

Fat Free Pumpkin Cupcake

Green Cauldron Candle

Halloween Feliz Stamp

Halloween Sleeves

Halloween Taiko

Haunting Tunes

Pumpkin Beanie

Pumpkin Belt

Pumpkin Bow

Pumpkin Cake Pop

Pumpkin Candy Bucket

Pumpkin Macarons

Pumpkin Shorts

Pumpkin Staff

Pumpkin Tea

Purple Pumpkin Candy Bucket

Purple Pumpkin Tea

Slime Milkshake

Spider Web Glowing Egg

Undying Fairy Phanty Plushie

Wicked Hair Extension


Halloween Snowman - began October 30, 2021 and ended November 9, 2021

Halloween Snowman item list.....

Bat Socks

Bat Glowing Egg

Blue Cauldron Candle

Blue Pumpkin Candy Bucket

Blue Pumpkin Tea

Book of Werewolves

Dark Vixen Plushie

Eerie Wig

Garlic Smoothie

Ghost Macarons

Handle with Scare

Haunted Horn

Mucus Gazpacho

MummyCake Pop

Nefarious Quell Plushie

Nefarious Sleeves


Spooky Boots

Striped Witch Hat

Undying Fairy Crikey Plushie


Character Trick or Treat - began October 31, 2021 and ended November 15, 2021

Character Trick or Treat item list.....