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Valentine's Day Event - started February 13, 2021 and ended February 28, 2021.

Valentine's Day Event item list....

Heart Milkshake

Candy Lover Glowing Egg

Cheeky Onigiri

Purple Heart Gem

Red Budget Bouquet

Matcha Heart Truffle


Red Heart Gem

Scattered Chocolates

Vanilla Heart Cookie

Purple Heart Cake

Green Heart Gem

Strawberry Heart Cookie

Blue Budget Bouquet

Love Saxophone

Love Sweater

Heart Headband

Marshmallow Lolly


Heart Blouse

Heart Truffle

Slice of Herat Pizza

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream

Sweetheart Contact Lenses

Yellow Budget Bouquet

Heart Pizza

Green Valentine Cake

Broken Heart Milkshake

Chocolate Heart Truffle


Yellow Heart Gem

Heart Panflute

Chocolate Lover Glowing Egg

Heart Cookie

Blue Heart Gem


St Patrick's Day Event 2021 - started March 17, 2021 and ended March 31, 2021.

St Patrick's Day Event List....

Blue Mushroom

Lucky Hammer

Red Mushroom

Rainbow Ripped Jeans

Green Toadstool

Mushroom Glowing Egg
,br> Mushroom Book
Red Toadstool

Lucky Cupcake/td>

Lace Up Boots

How to Tame a Leprechaun

Rainbow Mushroom Cookie

Pot of Gold Balloon

Red Mushrooms

Mushroom Cookie

Purple Mushrooms

Green Mushroom

Lucky Blouse

Yellow Mushrooms

Lucky Mushrooms

Mushroom Bows

Lucky Wig

Purple Toadstool

Leprechaun Jelly

Leprechaun Lullabies

Clover Gumball

Rainbow Book

Lucky Skirt

Unlucky Mushrooms


Leprechaun Murfin Stamp

Clover Cupcake


Blue Mushrooms

Lucky Blade

Green Mushrooms

Toadstool Top


Easter Bunny Visit - April 1, 2021

Easter Bunny Visit item list - new and old, 22 items total

Candy Carrot
New 2021 item

Candy Yellow Carrot
New 2021 item

Carrot Cupcake
New 2021 item

Giant Carrot
New 2021 item

Organic Carrots
New 2021 item

Eau de Carrot
2019 item

Carrot Stamp
2019 item

Easter Bunny Action Figure
2019 item

Chocolate Bunny Stamp
2018 item

Carrot Pearl
2018 item

Handmade Chocolate Lati
2015 item

Gummy Carrot
2015 item

Handmade Easter Bunny Plushie
2015 item

Easter Bunny Carols
2015 item

Boiled Egg Carrot
2015 item

Easter Bunny Necktie
2015 item

Rainbow Notes
2015 item

Cherry Flower Chocolate
2015 item

Chocolate Flower
2015 item

Vanilla Flower Chocolate
2015 item

Lemon Flower Chocolate
2015 item

Blueberry Flower Chocolate
2015 item

Easter Egg Hunt - began April 4, 2021 ended June 30, 2021

Easter Egg List.....

Nebbi Easter Egg
Level 1

Rogue Easter Egg
Level 2

Oogie Easter Egg
Level 3

Slymol Easter Egg
Level 4

Toxic Easter Egg
Level 5

Neesta Easter Egg
Level 6

Valentino Easter Egg
Level 7

Lucent Easter Egg
Level 8

Farley Easter Egg
Level 9

Plug Easter Egg
Level 10

Yonce Easter Egg
Level 11

Plapus Easter Egg
Level 12

Balloonimal Easter Egg
Level 13

Bonbon Easter Egg
Level 14

Aristocorn Easter Egg
Level 15

Arso Easter Egg
Level 16

Neil Easter Egg
Level 17

Chubular Easter Egg
Level 18

Batsy Easter Egg
Level 19

Miraffe Easter Egg
Level 20

Gremble Easter Egg
Level 21

Cremul Easter Egg
Level 22

Maestro Easter Egg
Level 23

Snowel Easter Egg
Level 24

Halloweenie Easter Egg
Level 25

Fifi Easter Egg
Level 26

Dumdo Easter Egg
Level 27

Gromps Easter Egg
Level 28

Nodio Easter Egg
Level 29

Teto Easter Egg
Level 30

Velox Easter Egg
Level 31

Bacon Easter Egg
Level 32

Zax Easter Egg
Level 33

Heavy Easter Egg
Level 34

Baxter Easter Egg
Level 35

Solaroo Easter Egg
Level 36

Pucci Easter Egg
Level 37

Poco Easter Egg
Level 38

Smartdo Easter Egg
Level 39

Fraggle Easter Egg
Level 40

Easter Hunt Level Rewards....

Chickle Book
Level 3 Reward

Silver Easter Basket
Level 4 Reward

Spring Skirt
Level 5 Reward

Easter Arinya Plushie
Level 6 Reward

Yellow Eggs
Level 7 Reward

Easter Bunny Bow Tie
Level 8 Reward

Deluxe Easter Cupcake
Level 9 Reward

Hare Glowing Egg
Level 10 Reward

Strawberry Bunny Lolly
Level 11 Reward

Lati Cookie
Level 12 Reward

Cheese Lati
Level 13 Reward

Easter Cake
Level 14 Reward

Easter Phanty Plushie
Level 15 Reward

Spring Cape
Level 16 Reward

Easter Basil Plushie
Level 17 Reward

Green Eggs
Level 18 Reward

Easter Hair Extension
Level 19 Reward

Purple Eggs
Level 20 Reward

Bunny Beanie
Level 21

Easter Wig
Level 22 Reward

Carrots Glowing Egg
Level 23 Reward

Lati Action Figure
Level 24 Reward

Easter Astro Plushie
Level 25 Reward

Slice of Carrot Pizza
Level 26 Reward

Blue Eggs
Level 27 Reward

Sing Along with Easter Bunny
Level 28 Reward

Carrot Pizza
Level 29 Reward

Bunny Lolly
Level 30 Reward

Pink Eggs
Level 31 Reward

Floral Sheer Blouse
Level 32 Reward

Floral Back Skirt
Level 33 Reward

Chickle Lolly
Level 34 Reward

Easter Boots
Level 35 Reward

Easter Huthiq Plushie
Level 36 Reward

Spring Waves Wig
Level 37 Reward

Chocolate Bunny Lolly
Level 38 Reward

Gentle Braids Wig
Level 39 Reward

Easter Arbour
Level 40 Reward


Lost Sock Awareness Day - began May 9, 2021 and ended May 20, 2021

Lost Sock List.....

Alien Socks

Candycane Socks

Card Socks

Carnival Socks

Cheetah Socks

Duck Socks

Elegant Socks

Leopard Socks

Luxury Stockings

Monster Socks

Odd Socks

Paw Print Socks

Plaid Stockings

Rainbow Odd Socks

Sheep Socks

Sparkle Socks

Tarot Socks

Tiger Socks

Vaporwave Socks

Zebra Socks

Super Hero Society Event - began June 1, 2021, lasts for 30 days

The first batch of Super Hero Society items went on sale in the Event Shop - June 13, 2021

Blue Space Food

Hunnie Puffs

Red Space Food

Purple Shooting Star

UFO Jelly

Hypnotic Huthiqs Guide Book

Purple UFO

Super Snookles Stamp

Super Hero Sindi Plushie


Blue Shooting Star

Green Shooting Star

Yellow Space Food

Super Hero Fasoro Stamp

Super Hero Society Game

Bee Movie

Hero Gloves

Champion Chibs Guide Book

Super Slushie

Hero Wig

Galaxy Tuba

Green Space Food

Green UFO

Super Hero Sugar Cube

Yellow UFO

Planet Recorder

Hunnie Hums

Super Hero Pancakes

Hero Top

Blue UFO

Super Hero Sindi Stamp

Hero Skirt

Hero Boots

Super Hero Mordo Plushie

Super Cereal

Purple Space Food

Hypnotic Huthiqs Stamp

Alien Clarinet

Hero Headphones

Hunnie Gumball

Super Hero Ice Cream

Super Hero Huthiq Plushie

Red Shooting Star

Hunnie Book

Super Snookles

Super Hero Society Mug

Yellow Shooting Star

Hero Pants

Super Hero Ike Plushie

Justice Jessups Guide Book

Blue Alien Eye Gumball

Green Alien Eye Gumball

Pink Alien Eye Gumball

Red Alien Eye Gumball

The second batch of Super Hero Society items went on sale in the Event Shop - June 28, 2021

Rocket Glowing Egg

Super Hero Rocket

Purple Moon Rock Gumball

Astronaut Glowing Egg

Red Alien Plushie

Astronaut Cake Pop


Galaxy Burger

Yellow Alien Plushie

Super Hero Hair Extension

Alien Latte

Purple Alien Plushie

Green Moon Rock Gumball

Super Power Jucie

Astronaut Gloves

UFO Book

Galaxy Smoothie

Green Alien Plushie

Super Hero Society Soundtrack

Yellow Moon Rock Gumball

Alien Cake Pop

UFO Shirt

Alien Donut

Red Moon Rock Gumball

Cosmic Visor

Rocket Cake Pop

Moon Rock Gumball

Cosmic Bracelets

Astronaut Helmet

Alien Book

Alien Skin

Cosmic Anklets

Blue Moon Rock Gumball

Alien Balloon

Blue Alien Plushie

Super Hero Glowing Egg

Alien Ice Cream

Cosmic Contact Lenses

Super Hero Society


Extra prizes for the teams that came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Alien Bluebell

Alien Hibiscus

Alien Pickle

Asteroid Gumball

Book of Negativity

Book of Positivity

Broken Asteroid Gumball



Chibs Jigsaw Puzzle

Fade Huthiq Plushie

Green Crater Gumball

Hero Capelet


Jessup Cake Pop

Jessup Cookie

Pink Crater Gumball

Planet Glowing Egg


Staff of the Hero

Super Hero Snookle Plushie

Super Hero Snookle Potion


Yellow Crater Gumball