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Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry High Score Prizes - released July 20, 2020

Spellcasting Snookles Stamp

Enchanted Ercuws Stamp

Levitating Latis Stamp

Hocus Pocus Stamp

Spellcasting Snookles Keyring

Enchanted Ercuws Keyring

Levitating Latis Keyring

Hocus Pocus Keyring

Spellcasting Snookles

Enchanting Ercuws

Levitating Latis

Hocus Pocus

Spellcasting Snookles Score Book

Enchanting Ercuws Score Book

Levitating Latis Score Book

Hocus Pocus Score Book

Nearly Won on Repeat

What Losing Sounds Like

Not a Sorting Hat

Cat Umbrella

Dark Cat

Dark Suit

Hanging Plants

Potion Glowing Egg

Aristocorn Flakes


Marapets 16th Birthday Event - began August 15, 2020 and ended September 1, 2020.

Birthday Gift Bags.....

Aqua 16th Birthday Gift Bag

Black 16th Birthday Gift Bag

Blue 16th Birthday Gift Bag

Brown 16th Birthday Gift Bag

Green 16th Birthday Gift Bag

Grey 16th Birthday Gift Bag

Lime 16th Birthday Gift Bag

Maroon 16th Birthday Gift Bag

Navy 16th Birthday Gift Bag

Orange 16th Birthday Gift Bag

Pink 16th Birthday Gift Bag

Purple 16th Birthday Gift Bag

Red 16th Birthday Gift Bag

Teal 16th Birthday Gift Bag

Yellow 16th Birthday Gift Bag

Birthday Gift Bag item list.....

Birthday Deserts

Cargo Shorts

Casual Vest

Gradient Gloves

High Top Sandals

Lockdown Locks Wig

Mini Bow Hat

Slice of Cake

Starry Dress

Starry Lace Top

Starry Shorts

Blueberry Infused Water

Lemon Infused Water

Lime Infused Water

Prune Infused Water

Strawberry Infused Water

Chocolate Cake

Dark Chocolate Cake

Designer Cake

White Chocolate Cake

Slice of Chocolate Cake

Slice of Dark Chocolate Cake

Slice of White Chocolate Cake

Book of Chocolate Cakes

Party Maracas

Coronacation Glowing Egg

Blue 16th Birthday Balloon

Green 16th Birthday Balloon

Red 16th Birthday Balloon

Yellow 16th Birthday Balloon

Purple 16th Birthday Candle

Old Astro Plushei

Old Daisy Plushie

Old Gizmo Plushie

Old Ike Plushie

Old Justin Plushie

Old Sindi Plushie

Old Willa Plushie

16th Birthday Pinatas.....

Blue Cactus Pinata

Blue Ice Pop Pinata

Blue Moustache Pinata

Blue Watermelon Pinata

Defective Rainbow Pinata

Dirty Rainbow Pinata

Faded Rainbow Pinata

Green Cactus Pinata

Green Ice Pop Pinata

Green Moustache Pinata

Green Watermelon Pinata

Old Rainbow Pinata

Purple Cactus Pinata

Purple Ice Pop Pinata

Purple Moustache Pinata

Purple Watermelon Pinata

Rainbow Pinata

Red Cactus Pinata

Red Ice Pop Pinata

Red Moustache Pinata

Watermelon Pinata

Yellow Cactus Pinata

Yellow Ice Pop Pinata

Yellow Moustache Pinata

Yellow Watermelon Pinata

Opened Pinata Prize List.....

Beach Bag

Dual Vest

Gentle Bangs Hair Extension

Lace Crop Top

Lace Trim Shorts

Star Belt

1001 Ways to Eat Doughnuts

Book of Seashells

Pandemic Solo Dance Party

Socially Distanced Party

Sunset Guitar

Beach Party Ice Cream

Cherry Chocolate Cupcake

Cherry Cupcake

Cherry Vanilla Cupcake

Seashell Cupcake

Chocolate Sundae Cup

Strawberry Sundae Cup

Vanilla Sundae Cup

Seashell Jelly

Blue 16th Birthday Candle

Green 16th Birthday Candle

Red 16th Birthday Candle

Yellow 16th Birthday Candle

Purple 16th Birthday Balloon

Blue Seashell

Green Seashell

Pink Seashell

Seashell Balloon

Seashell Keyring

Seashell Mug

Seashell Pot

Seashell Stamp

Bootleg Chibs Plushie

Bootleg Mordo Plushie

Bootleg Quell Plushie

Bootleg Sindi Plushie

Bootleg Vlad Plushie


beginning October 15, 2020 and ending October 31, 2020

2020 New Beelzebub items (see past site events each year for that years new additions)

Beelzebub Brew

Beelzebub Mug

Beelzebub Balloon

Evil Ice Cream

Ghostly Graves - brand new Halloween Event. Released October 15, 2020 and ending November 1, 2020.

90 ghost themed items are available to be won along with a new special item for your wardrobe, Ghost Balloon (below).
The 90 ghost themed items can be found here


Pumpkin of Gold Event - started October 15, 2020 and ended November 9, 2020.
There are 5 new items released in 2020 (listed below). All other 33 items released previous years have been brought back.

Black Cat Cupcake

Carved Pumpkin Balloon

Cathedral Stockings

Daisy Drops

Tub of Pumpkin Ice Cream


Pumpkin Hunt 2020 - began October 17, 2020 and ended November 9, 2020.

2020 Pumpkin list .....

2020 Pumpkin

Arcade Pumpkin

Bee Pumpkin

Blitzen Pumpkin

Bug Pumpkin

Burnt Pumpkin

Digital Pumpkin

Firework Pumpkin

Floral Pumpkin

Funky Pumpkin

Galaxy Pumpkin

Gingerbread Pumpkin

Killer Pumpkin

Leopard Pumpkin

Panda Pumpkin

Pinata Pumpkin

Poison Pumpkin

Simerian Pumpkin

Skeleton Pumpkin

Slime Pumpkin

Straya Pumpkin

Wallop Pumpkin

Pumpkin Hunt Prize list .....

Book of Pumpkin Hunts

Devil Violin

Diet Pumpkin Soda

Ghost Cropped Sweater

Green Antique Candle

Green Eye Plushie

Green Eye Smoothie

Green Pumpkin Candy

Half Dyed Wig

Jasper Trading Card

Pumpkin Bow

Pumpkin Carving Book

Pumpkin Drip Cake

Pumpkin Hunt Stamp

Pumpkin Keyring

Pumpkin Pattern Glowing Egg

Pumpkin Pizza

Pumpkin Sweater

Quarantine Pumpkin Cookie

Short Pigtails Hair Extension

Slice of Pumpkin Pizza


Halloween Snowman - started October 19, 2020 and ended November 7, 2020.

Halloween Snowman item list .....

Antique Cape

Antique Gloves

Antique Top


Blue Antique Candle

Blue Eye Plushie

Blue Eye Smoothie

Blue Pumpkin Candy

Bone Appetit

Creepy Clown Music

Elegant Dual Pigtails
Hair Extension

Eye Cupcake

Eye Tunes

Eyeball Jelly

Ghost Sweater

Glance Party

Halloween Xoi Stamp

Nimbus Clous

Pumpkin Bunting

Severed Newth Head

Severed Straya Head

Severed Vlad Head

Severed Wallop Head

Vampire Stories

Elger Trick or Treat - began October 21, 2020 and ended November 9, 2020.

Elger Trick or Treat item list .....

Antique Candle

Bat Cropped Sweater

Black Cat Jelly

Book of Cauldrons

Book of Clowns


Dark Horns

Dual Wings

Elegant Pigtails Hair Extension

Eye Plushie

Eye Smoothie

Ghost Bow

Halloween Cupcake

Hocus Balloon

Severed Tasi Head

Severed Willa Head

Slice of Witch Pizza

Spider Mug

Witch Brew

Witch Ice Cream

Witch Top

Yellow Pumpkin Candy


Character Trick or Treat - began October 25, 2020 and ended November 9, 2020.

Character Trick or Treat item list .....

Bat Sweater

Batsy Keyring

Batsy Mug

Brain Cupcake

Brain Jelly

Crinoline Skirt

Demonic Donut

Elegant Pumps

Ghastly Donut

Ghost Addow Stamp

Ghostling Balloon

Ghostling Mug

Halloween Spell

Horrible Donut


Moonlight Contact Lenses

Perfect Specimen

Precious Pigtails Wig

Purple Antique Candle

Purple Eye Plushie

Purple Eye Smoothie

Purple Pumpkin Candy

Severed Syrbi Head

Severed Vixen Head

Sheer Top

Shredded Jeans

Spooky Harp

The Friendly Ghost

Vampire Capelet


Halloween Alien began October 28, 2020 and ended November 9, 2020. There are 10 new items and
if you were really lucky, you would be able to catch a very rare or retired Halloween item!

Halloween Alien new item list ....

Bat Bow

Drapery Belt

Huthiq Cake Pop

Nightmare Donut

Red Antique Candle

Red Eye Plushie

Red Eye Smoothie

Red Pumpkin Candy

Severed Huthiq Head

Spaghetti and Eyeballs

Thanksgiving 2020 - Talon's replacement for this year - TWEETLY
This event began November 26, 2020 and ended December 11, 2020.

Tweetly's Thanksgiving item list .....

Apple Cobbler

Apple Pie Ice Cream

Autumn Leaves Glowing Egg

Bad Babysitter Book

Basket of Golden Apples

Basket of Green Apples

Basket of Red Apples

Blue Gummy Turkey

Bluebery Cobbler

Book of Leaves

Cherry Cobbler

Colonial Dress Skirt

Colonial Dress Top

Colonial Pants

Dignified Wig

Falling Feathers


Gobble Action Figure

Gobble Candle

Gobble Ice Sculpture

Gobble Jigsaw Puzzle

Green Gummy Turkey

Lavender Pizza

Pumpkin Cobbler

Purple Gummy Turkey

Red Gummy Turkey

Side Belt

Slice of Lavender Pizza

Sweet Tweets

The Daily Tweet

Tub of Apple Pie Ice Cream

Turkey Feathers Glowing Egg

Tweeting Etiquette


Tweetly Pearl

Tweetly Photo

Tweetly Potato Chips

Windswept Hair Extension

Yellow Gummy Turkey

The Holiday Season begins with the visit of Elf - appeared December 7, 2020 and departed December 31, 2020

There are 8 newly released Elf items which are listed below .....

Elf Sticker Book

Red Festive Decorations

Peppermint Cocoa

Elf Mitten Cookie

Christmas Crunchies

Santa's Little Helper

Sing Along with Elf

Christmas Gift Catalogue

Santa Claws New Years Raffle - began December 9, 2020 and ended January 1, 2021

The New Years Raffle prizes were released January 27, 2021. The following is the prize item list .....

Clover Ice Cream

Echlin Ice

Mega Chawmp

Origami Kujo

Raulf Action Figure

Sindi Cake Pop

Striped Ribbons

Sweeping Ponytail
Hair Extension

Winter Slippers

Woolen Hat

Secret Santa - released December 12, 2020 and ended December 25, 2020

Secret Santa Presents .....

Blue Feliz Present

Blue Newth Present

Blue Vixen Present

Feliz Present

Green Feliz Present

Green Newth Present

Green Vixen Present

Newth Present

Red Feliz Present

Red Newth Present

Red Vixen Present

Vixen Present

Yellow Feliz Present

Yellow Newth Present

Yellow Vixen Present
Opened Christmas Present prize list .....

Astro Ice Sculpture

Basil Ice Sculpture

Blue Festive Decorations

Blue Seasonal Holly

Candycane Gloves

Chocolate Cocoa

Decadal Jigsaw Puzzle

Eyru Cake Pop

Fur Trim Boots

Green Christmas Candle

Green Seasonal Holly

Green Snowflake Ornament

Holiday Donut

Holiday Waves Wig

Hump Ice Sculpture

Kujo Action Figure

Limax Action Figure

Low Rise Sweater

Old Tree Ornament

Old Tree Sugar Cookie

Osafo Cake Pop

Polar Hat

Poofy Hanging Hat

Pucu Cake Pop

Purple Christmas Candle

Purple Seasonal Holly

Sack of Toys Stamp

Santa Mitten Cookie

Seasonal Ornaments

Snookle Action Figure

Star Ornaments

Tasi Ice Sculpture

Willa Action Figure

Yellow Festive Decoratins

Yellow Seasonal Holly


Carol Singing Event - began December 13, 2020 and ended December 31, 2020

Carol Singing prize list .....

Blue Pinecone

Candycane Viola

Christmas Candle

Ercuw Action Figure

Green Pinecone

Holiday Lute

Holiday Music

Holly Cello

Ice Pizza

Ice Kujo Sculpture

Limax Ice Sculpture

Lorius Ice Sculpture

Milk Chocolate Pudding

Purple Pinecone

Raulf Ice Sculpture

Rusty Cake Pop

Slice of Ice Pizza

Vlad Action Figure

Winter Tree Ornament

Winter Tree Sugar Cookie

Winter Whistle

Yellow Pinecone

Yellow Snowflake Ornament

Yuni Cake Pop

Krampus Event - began December 17, 2020 and ended January 1, 2021

Krampus Event item list .....

Blood Pizza

Candycane Cupcake

Curved Krampus Horns

Dark Santa Hat

Evil Tree Ornament

Evil Tree Sugar Cookie

Krampus Candle

Krampus Donut

Krampus Lolly

Krampus Mitten Cookie

Murfin Cake Pop

Red Pinecone

Red Seasonal Holly

Red Snowflake Ornament

Sindi Action Figure

Slice of Blood Pizza

Stolen Presents

Vlad Cake Pop