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2020 Account Upgrades Page 2

16th Birthday Limited Edition Account Upgrade - released August 15, 2020 and retired September 1, 2020.

16th Birthday Limited Edition item list.....

Sweet Sixteen Dress

Party Bunting

Birthday Contact Lenses

Quarantine Wig


Slice of Cake Book

Sweet Sixteen Glowing Egg

Sixteen Years

Sweet Sixteen


Ball of Spring Yarn


Vintage Treasure Chest - released August 28, 2020 and retired October 12, 2020

To see items in the Vintage Treasure Chest click here


Devil Account Upgrade - released September 6, 2020 and retired November 30, 2020
The Devil Costume was retired and now has been revamped and newly released with 7 new devil items.

Devil Account Upgrade item list.....

Poera Prey Treasure
Map 01-16

Book of Prey

Devil Music

Devil Yuni Stamp



Venom Cupcake

Venom Glowing Egg

Evil Clown Account Upgrade - released September 25, 2020 and retired October 26, 2020.
The Spy Costume which was originally released October 2010 has been changed into the Evil Clown Costume.
This account upgrade includes 7 new evil clown themed items. I will be listing the LE pet available, for others
available through this upgrade please check out the Evil Clown Costume section in Gigantic Paradise.

Evil Clown Account Upgrade item list.....

Evil Clown Sybri Potion or....

Enchanted Evil Clown Sybri Plushie


Evil Clown Kujo Stamp

Book of Evil Clowns

Evil Clown Glowing Egg

Never Trust a Clown

Send in the Clowns

Evil Clown Ice Cream

Evil Clown Costume

Halloween Account Upgrade - released October 20, 2020 and retired November 9, 2020.
This account upgrade has been retired and now brought back with 7 new items included in this set.
*** There is 1 in 3 chance you will receive a limited edition Kujo enchanted plushie or potion.
The other Enchanted plushies or potions you can receive are either an Azul, Bolimo, Crindol,
Fasoro, Grint, Ideus, Jessup, Kidlet, Knutt, Leido, Newth, Paffuto, Reese, Tantua, Xoi or Zetlian.

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Halloween Account Upgrade item list .....

Enchanted Halloween Kujo Plushie or....

Halloween Kujo Potion

Boo Felicia

Book of Halloween Candy


Halloween Ian Stamp

Severed Kujo Head

Trump It

Undying Fairy Glowing Egg

Halloween Costume

NEW! Origami Account Upgrade - released November 10, 2020 and retired December 2, 2020.
*** There is 1 in 3 chance you will receive a restricted Gobble enchanted plushie or potion.
The other Enchanted plushies or potions you can receive are either an Addow, Azul, Bolimo,
Crindol, Doyle, Equilor, Feliz, Grint, Jessup, Knutt, Leido or Xoi.

Origami Account Upgrade item list.....

Origami Gobble Potion or ....

Enchanted Origami Gobble Plushie

Book of Origami

Creasing Corners


Origami Glowing Egg

Origami Stamp


Papercut Trading Card

Origami Costume