An Unhelpful Help Site

Hey, welcome to my marasite.

I assume you got here through my marapets profile page, so you probably already know that my username is crittercutiesnake. I thought up that username, aged about 10, because I saw a Poera on the registration page. I was disappointed when I realised I couldn't create a "snake pet". Several year later though, after one failed attempt at the Tarquin's library mission, I managed to complete it and get a Poera.

I've been registered on marapets for over 8 years, since October 2008, and though I don't play daily I keep coming back to the site every so often. It's great keep coming back to nice gifts from the King Baspinar Loyalty Prizes, I like how all the prizes come through even if you've been away from the game for a long time. I mostly come back to try and complete the Temple of Transmogrification. My long term goal from that temple is to turn my pet whose in there, I_Adore_Loyalty, into a Chibs. It's a very long and slow attempt though, I'm currently on level 11 and my pet has been in there for probably a year or two. The hieroglyphics needed are very expensive and some aren't even available on shop search.

On to the pets I do have, I_Adore_Loyalty changes species and costume quite regularly, I have a long term goal for her to be a Chibs so I don't mind too much what species he is in the mean time, I like to send her in the Operations Portal quite often to see what transformations she can pick up in there. I'm also working on her gourmet food collection, she quite enjoys trying different exotic foods.

I have two midnight pets. Baserunner, a midnight crindol, and scottmcradio, a midnight zoosh. I love these two pets, their costumes are really cool, very dark and mysterious. WillRobbins the skeleton paffuto is pretty cool looking in a err.. dead looking way. I have a devil pet, Reimers, a devil crindol. I guess I like him for the same kind of reason, the dark and evil theme behind his costume. I'm a fan of most rock, punk and generally heavy music, which is probably most of the reason behind why I like Ieuan_Lion. He is a punk tantua and a really cool looking dude. All he needs is a guitar and he'd really look the part for a rockstar.

I have a puchalla gizmo, Charota, and a cowboy ideus, Gerome. Their costumes really look the part for your typical country farmer, in the case of Charota, and Gerome, an awesome little polar bear dressing up as a cowboy. My bee reese, Apidae, has to be my favourite of my non LE pets though. I've always thought bees are wonderful since seeing The Bee Movie, that as well as the bee costume on marapets being incredibly cute has to be why he is my favourite non LE pet.

Merrlyegs is my ghost Poera, the Poera I finally managed to get. I don't remember how I got the ghost costume, probably got really brave and lucky using the operations portal. She looks like she should be rising out of a a snake charmers basket, for her ghost appearance I suppose it would have to be a haunted one. The ironic part about her is that her name looks like a typo of Merrylegs when in fact she doesn't have any legs because she is a Poera.

My other really awesome LE pet is experimenter2, the american daisy. I've always liked the graphics for the daisy pets and I think the american costume looks great as well. He looks like a cartoon version of a standard dairy cow but with a really cool twist thanks to the american costume.

The last two pets I own are Lanac the cupid jessup, he is really pretty and cute pet, and Terrifying_Fear, the fairy flab. Lanac is beautiful but Terrifying_Fear on the other hand, well isn't. As a fairy flab, he looks like something really ugly attempting to be pretty, I kinda like him I guess but he is pretty ugly. Sorry buddy.