Hello there, welcome to my humble abode. My name is Zoey and I make marasite layout, and club layouts. I do not make blog layouts yet. If you would like to see my other site layouts, outside of the mara world, just maramail me. As of now, I will be selling JUST club layouts. Below are examples, forms, and you get the rest.


For now, I only have one layout style. It is going to be called "Style 1". Ya digg? Well here it is:

Example 1 Style 1


Here are the forms below. Copy and paste them in a maramail and send me the form, filled out. Thnx.

Banner Text:
Banner Subtext:
Banner Image: (preferably weheartit.com)
Colors: (must go with image)
Price: 250k
Tip: (Optional)

+ credits.

Layout design and coding (c) Zoey.
Content (c) ZOEYISBACK.